vocaloid comments part 2

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thanks vocaloid comments

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it would probably be a bad idea to send affectionate messages to people out of nowhere saying how much i really like them

or the bee movie script 

or affectionate messages combined with the bee movie script

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i know so many talented people 

people great at drawing and great at writing and just all-around great people in general

i’m glad i got to meet them mainly

it sounds weird but i’m glad and i know they’re going to keep getting better 

they are very important to me 

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My dad used to tell me a story about this Afghan dog his parents used to own, it was notorious for getting things caught in its fur, like, when they let it outside to do it’s business in winter they’d put pantyhose on its legs to stop it from bringing a snow drift back in the house with it.

Anyway I guess one day my grandpa got home and my grandma was standing outside saying “don’t be mad, you aren’t allowed in until you promise not to be mad” Apparently the dog was tall enough it grabbed a bag of flour from a shelf or the counter or something while she was out and proceeded to run through the house shaking the bag like a toy. Then, because it’s fur was caked in flour it tried to lick it off, essentially turning the flour into papier mache paste and plastering its fur to its body. THEN because it just ate a bag of flour it threw up a bunch of pasty flour goo all over the place.

Anyway the moral of the story is apparently shaved Afghan dogs look like greyhounds.

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its like 3 am and i cant sleep hello

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why would a robot need nipples anyway


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all the blatant rip off items on gaia are great


my aesthetic

you too can have this pinnacle of fashion for only 212,125,500,599 gold.

212 billion. 

burn gaiaonline