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i’m looking at my old Embarrassing Phase

and i apparently had 3000+ posts on that forum, was known as “that person who proposes marriage to everyone” and was apparently co-president of the bara club

[flapdragon crying]

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PMMM Rebellion Story: The First Nightmare (1/2)

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hail your demon lord

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i knew that internship was good but i didn’t know just how good i’m honestly amazed

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flap’s essay process

step 1: ramble vaguely in the general direction of your topic for the amount of pages necessary (often at terrible hours of the night)

step 2: ????????????? forget about it for a few days and leave it in your drafts folder

step 3: polish the essay by editing the things that use more than ten commas in the same sentence or use “like” more than five times or otherwise sound like they were written by a person under the influence

step 4: hand it in

step 5: pray

(do not imitate me this is not recommended)

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every time someone says the word “spoopy” in pokémon episode 170 - A Better Pill to Swallow

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The color scheme is a bit more dreamy, but yeah flying whales in skyward, a mutation from absorbing the radiation of zero-g technologies that keeps the buildings afloat. fortunately, this mutation helped the whales survive from the collapse.


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Sea Slicks

Whenever there is an oil spill in the world’s oceans, a sea slick is “born”. Countless animals lose their lives to the thick, clinging clutches of oil, dying miserable, wretchedly drawn-out deaths. Sea slicks are born of the lost souls of those animals and the sludge that bound and choked the life from them. As such, sea slicks are always referred to as “they” and “them” rather than “it”, and it’s said that if you chance upon a sea slick near the surface, their soft, melancholy vocalisations carry the haunting remnants of sea birds and the whispers of shoals of fish.

Despite their fearsome appearances, they are very much docile creatures, preferring to near-constantly swim through the depths and the quiet of the sea they were robbed from. Sea slicks are amortal, being unable to die, as they were never truly what we would call “alive” to begin with. Over time, however, sea slicks do disintegrate, usually over the span of several years, losing pieces of semi-sentient oil to the surface waters.

Ambitious wixes track sea slicks to gather these pieces, as they make especially valuable, durable invisibility cloaks capable of protecting wearers from even the deadliest of spells.

I love this! Modern, industrial fantasy creatures. Wow, so cool!

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the pmd friend areas were soooooooo good i loved them

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